We often find a waiting queue in front
of a popular ramen restaurant in Japan.
But I have got an information about such pho
restaurant in Hanoi.
So I visited there with a big interest.
The name of the restaurant is

Pho Gia Truyer


This pho restaurant opens early in the morning
and it may be sold out around 10am.
So I got up earlier than usual and walked 15 mins
from the hotel.
I arrived at the restaurant at 8:30, but ...

   Oh God !  There exists a long queue already !!

That's amazing.


The main stream of pho in Hanoi is Pho Bo.
This restaurant also serves Pho Bo.
There are three menus,

 ・Pho Bo Tai Nam 50,000
 ・Pho Bo Tai 45,000
 ・Pho Bo Chin 40,000

Pho Bo Tai is pho with rare beef.
Pho Bo Chin is pho with well cooked beef.
And Pho Bo Tai Nam has both.


Waiting on the queue about 15 minutes
and I have arrived at the order counter at last

Of course I order pho with both kind of beef
It is almost US$2.5

The order counter and the kitchen is same place.
I enjoy watching cooking until my bowl comes.

This guy with black shirt puts pho in the bowl.
He put pho very quickly and continuously


At the opposite side of the counter,
a mister cuts the well cooked beef
a lady in the center puts the rare beef on pho


And then, the young man with striped shirt
pour the soup in the bowl.
What a great linking play by four people.

I am eagerly waiting for my bowl.
At last I got it after 5 bowls.


I receive my bowl and then I have to bring it
to the seat by myself.
Of course, I cannot keep my seat beforehand
in such a crowded restaurant.
So I have to find my seat with a very hot bowl.

But the Vietnamese are so kind as usual.
One lady called me and gave me a seat for eat.


My Pho Bo Tai Nam looks so delicious !
I eat soup first of all.

 Wow, Umai ! (So delicious !)

I've cried in Japanese.
Then every Vietnamese laughed at me, hahaha.


Picking up the meat.
The red rare beaf has turn into medium rare
by hot soup.
Beef is so soft and especially delicious.

Well cooked beef is also delicious but
I love rare beef more


Itadaki masu ! (Let's eat)

Pho noodle is also so nice.
The texture of pho is special.

And the volume of pho is so big.
50,000 VND is so good price with such
a big beef and pho noodle.

Vietnamese add lemon or red pepper
at the very first stage of eating.
But I enjoy original taste of the soup first.

And at the middle stage of eating,
I add lemon or red pepper gradually to enjoy
twice or three times with one bowl.


So great !

I  especially love the original soup of this pho
without lemon and red pepper.
I enjoyed so much.

When I finish eating I have to leave as early as
possible for the next person.


It took about 30 minutes since I arrived here until finish.
I was surprised at the long queue but it took less
than I expected.

It was really delicious so I would visit here again
when I come back to Hanoi next time without fail.

Gochisou sama deshita !

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